Someone recently asked me what bobsleigh truly meant to me.

I had to think about it. Having focused so intensely on the journey ahead, the battle for testing, and the constant training, it had been a while since I reflected on where I’ve come from – and how this journey has impacted me.

So here’s a quick reflection:

Bobsleigh is more than sport. In a very short amount of time it’s become an obsession, a heartfelt passion, and a community. It’s incredible to hear the stories and adventures other athletes have had, many of them comparable to mine, which makes this unique community of athletes humble and familiar. We spend countless hours together as a crew, to shave hundredths of a second as a team.

In a recent team meeting our head coach told the athletes that if didn’t feel the absolute need in their heart to be here that they shouldn’t – nobody moved. Each and every one of these athletes here share a quality of professionalism and drive that seems to be unmatched in any other sport I’ve been fortunate enough to compete in. Truly world leading mindsets.

To the coaches, athletes, mentors, and role models – thank you. Thank you for the support and motivation to continue this journey and begin discovering what it means to be an elite athlete day in and out, on and off the track.

So yes, looking back, bobsleigh is not only fulfilling a dream but so much more than I could have ever imagined.