Protein is an essential part of my diet. My strength and bulking goals require a supplement to build on structure – and that’s just what protein does. Proteins sole but effective use in the body is to build frame, which means it does not translate into energy consumption or any other supplemental benefit. That being said, proper protein intake is important – too little and you won’t have enough leucine to begin protein synthesis, too much and the body treats it as waste. And protein isn’t cheap.

Below are three of my favourite protein packed meals that don’t require and entire night to cook and are perfect for busy, on-the-go people like me.


I love making chilli. It’s a filling, protein stacked, meal that also incorporates a heavy amount of fibre. Stephanie Kay‘s recipe flips the ingredients on it’s head by focusing on a bean heavy bowl, as opposed to meat. I’ve also started to add chick peas for an additional flavour, fiber and protein source. Easy to split up, this tasty dish will last you for meals all week.

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I have to admit, I have a weak spot for mayonnaise. This quick and easy recipe leaves the chicken incredibly moist with a fantastic flavour, which makes it my go to when I need something quick and doesn’t resemble a squeaking rubber chicken. While you’ll get the nutritional benefits of the moist chicken, this recipe is best paired with a complex carbohydrate to help round out the meal.

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Quinoa’s nutritional benefits are no secret. Gluten-free (for all those celiacs out there), packed with protein, and containing all-nine essential amino acids it’s a powerhouse when it comes to a food to fuel your body. Combine that with some tasty veggies and you have a great salad that lasts for days in the fridge, and easy to take on the go. I must admit that most of the time I pickup Costco’s actual pre-made salad when I’m doing the rest of my grocery shopping because it saves me one less meal to prep. However, for those happy-go-lucky chefs, you can find the copy cat recipe by Genius Kitchen in the link below.

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