Vacations are a great opportunity to turn off the everyday grind, and reset your headspace. But this time off doesn’t mean you should completely disregard the progress, and goals you’ve set out to accomplish.

Unfortunately, not all vacation resorts, houses, or wherever you may be staying have the necessary equipment that you’re used to or are comfortable with. This means most workouts, should they even happen, end up being more rest than stress. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking the time off from everything during my vacation, but a proper sweat with the right exercises will make those inevitable cold brews (or strawberry daiquiris for a few friends of mine) taste even more deserving.

Currently being on vacation at a house in Cape Coral, Florida I haven’t had any access to equipment. Better yet, the nearest gym is a full 25 minute drive each way – and that’s just precious beach time I couldn’t give up. Vacation workouts need to be short, effective, and make you leave saying, “holy @#$&” every time. Heart rates need to be up, reps need to be high, and sweat needs to be pouring.

That being said, here is my go to vacation crusher that requires no weight and hits the full body. Give yourself about 50 minutes to complete this circuit. With 10 minutes of stretching at the end, it is a full hour well-spent.

Vacation Crusher Workout (50 mins)

  • 10 Minute Run
  • 10 Minutes of 50m Sprints (rest time is your walk back)
  • 10 Bench Hip Extensions per Side (5 Sets) (45s Rest)
  • 10 Single Leg Pistol Box Squats (5 Sets) (45s Rest)
  • 10 Plyometric Push-ups (Clapping is preferred, but it’s realistically whatever you’re capable of) (5 Sets) (45s Rest)
  • 12 Tricep Dips (5 Sets) (45s Rest)
  • 12 Side Crunches per Side (5 Sets) (45s Rest)

Finisher: Squat Jump Pyramid

  • 10 reps, 15 reps, 20 reps, 15 reps, 10 reps (1 min Rest)

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