Sounds a backwards, right?

But your body is designed to make it’s greatest leaps forward while it’s asleep. Building, recovering, resting, and prepping for you to do it all again tomorrow. I consider sleep, proper sleep, to be just as if not more important than the workout itself.

For those of you looking to gain size and strength, your sleep regiment is just as important as your meal and training schedule. As you workout and begin to stretch those muscle fibres from lifting, you then need to “fill the gaps” in order to repair, and build, muscle size and structure. This can only be done while your body is in a deep recovery stage.

There are supplements out there that are designed to boost your body recovery performance, while enhancing the rem cycle of your sleep patterns. My trainer put me onto ZMA by Cellucor a number of months ago, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. A combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, this supplement is designed to support and increase free testosterone levels, while a small dose of added melatonin aids you to hit the deeper sleep easier.  My mind feels clearer in the morning, and my body feels stronger on the next lift.

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For an in depth analysis regarding the importance of sleep for performance have a listen to the podcast below by Barbell Shrugged – you won’t be dissappionted.


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